Delta (Family) Life

Delta (Family) Life with Delta Life Fitness

  Are you surrounded by women who believe in you?  Are you in a gym that’s support system is amazing? At Delta Life Fitness, we believe a woman is only as strong as those she surrounds herself with.  The support system you will find at our gyms is not able to be matched anywhere else. […]

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I’ve Hit a Plateau! Why?

  Repeat after me. Don’t freak out, don’t freak out, don’t freak out. Every woman has at one time or another hit a little plateau while losing weight.  It can be annoying and frustrating, but Delta Life Fitness is here to help! At Delta Life our belief is exercise, nutrition and lifestyle are the Pillars […]

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Sugar: The Secret Ingredient

Sugar.  Eat less.  Lose weight.  Be healthier. It seems easy enough, right?  At one time, I used to know what things had sugar in them.  Obviously, sugar is in cakes and candies and soda, but imagine my surprise when I found out it was also in my spaghetti sauce.  Gasp!  Not my organic spaghetti sauce.  […]

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25 Tips to Help You Live a Delta Life

25 Tips to help You Live a Delta Life with Delta Life Fitness

At Delta Life we constantly talk about the three Pillars of Fitness, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle.  Each pillar is important in it’s own right, but when all three pillars are used simultaneously they move us towards achieving our goals.  Lifestyle is one of the pillars that is one of the easiest to make and sometimes […]

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August Six Pack Challenge

Delta Life Bootcamp’s 30 Day 6 Pack Challenge Summers not over yet and even when it is there’s always another swimsuit season right around the corner!! Jump on board with DLBC’s Six Pack Ab Challenge! Everyone’s welcome to join in! Wondering what to do? Simply start on day 1 and do the movement! Post your […]

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