The #1 Nutrition Tip You Need Now

The #1 Nutrition Tip You Need to Now with Delta Life Fitness

I’m just not losing weight. I don’t feel like I’m getting results. I’m lifting weights but my muscles aren’t getting lean. What gives? Before you throw your hands up in despair let’s talk about a little thing called, nutrition. When it comes to weight loss the biggest struggle is staying on point with what you eat. […]

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5 Desserts Guaranteed to Help You Lose Weight

No matter how dedicated you are to your fitness routine and eating clean every once in awhile you need a little indulgence. Something sweet and delicious, but the thing is you don’t want to have a sugar hangover. And you most definitely don’t want to ruin your hard work just for a dessert. Delta Life […]

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You Too Can Stay Fit with These 3 Recipes

Yummy and easy recipe recommendations from Delta Life Fitness

The days are getting longer. The weather is getting warmer. School is winding down. This can only mean one thing… SUMMER! I’m sure you’re as excited as we are to start enjoying the summer time. It’s a great time for relaxing, unwinding, taking trips and enjoying more family time. One thing it’s not so good […]

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How to Eat What You Want and Lose Weight

Tell me if this story sounds familiar. You’re doing great. You’re focused on eating healthy. You’ve upped your activity. You are feeling great. You’re motivated and rocking your weight loss. Then you get invited to your spouse’s work party at one of the best restaurants in town, your kids received numerous birthday party invitations, and […]

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The 5 Ways to Make Meal Prep Easy

5 Ways to Make Meal Prep Easy

The 5 Ways to Make Meal Prep Easy Be prepared. Think ahead. It will be easy, they say. You’ve heard it all before, but you still can’t seem to make meal prep work for you. You’re too busy to even start planning ahead. You keep putting it off because the truth is you’re not exactly […]

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Sugar: The Secret Ingredient

Sugar.  Eat less.  Lose weight.  Be healthier. It seems easy enough, right?  At one time, I used to know what things had sugar in them.  Obviously, sugar is in cakes and candies and soda, but imagine my surprise when I found out it was also in my spaghetti sauce.  Gasp!  Not my organic spaghetti sauce.  […]

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