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Burn up To 900 calories in 30 min flat! 
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What is Delta Life Fitness?
A Community Of Women Like You
Delta Life Fitness (DLF) was created for women just like you - women who feel out of place in crowded, judgmental large commercial gyms, crossfit gyms, and other places where already being fit seems like a requirement to join.

We're moms, partners, sisters, friends, all who are hard working, brilliant multi taskers who've spent years putting other people first and are ready for a non-judgmental, women-friendly environment that feels like home. 

A Fitness Solution For Delta Dana 
Who is Delta Dana? 

Delta Dana is your everyday mom, teacher, nurse... She's short on time bounces from fad diet to fad diet, one cookie cutter workout to another, and needs a fitness solution that work WITH her life instead of being something she has to put her life on HOLD for.

DLF created that solution. From our fast-paced 30-min workouts, supervised kid's rooms, realistic nutrition guidance, and state of the art accountability everything we create is to better serve Delta Dana.

Progress Not Perfection
Delta Life means Life Change. The greek symbol "Delta" literally means the "change of something." So Delta Life means the change in your life. 

How many times have you lost weight just to end up right back at square one (again)? The way Delta Life breaks the cycle is by giving you, Delta Dana, the exact roadmap for success tested and perfected over 1000's of Delta Danas.

By teaching your our Slide Right philosophy, supporting you with expert guidance, and by surrounding yourself with other women on the same mission starting over stops here. 
Success Stories
I have been with Delta Life Fitness for almost 18 months. I have truly had a life change, both physically and mentally. I have learned how to properly fuel my body with nutrient rich food. Not only have I built body strength, but I have built mental strength as well. The great friendships and encouragement at Delta Life are just a few of the bonuses! 

One year later I’m down to 160 lbs, and I just bought a pair of size 9/10 jeans that don’t dig into my sides. I’m about to start my 4th challenge, and I by the end I know I’m going to be in a single digit size! The best part is I feel so great all the time! I sleep better, I have more patience with my kids, and I get more done every day. I’m just happier. Delta Life Fitness changed me and I’m better for it.
Here’s the thing…once I started following the meal plan I started seeing amazing results. It’s now been a year and a half and I’m doing better than ever. 
If you’re looking for a gym where you can be yourself, your strongest, best version of yourself then Delta Life Fitness is the place for you. You won’t find a better gym to help you accomplish your goals.
About The Workout
Tone & Torch
The ONLY workout designed for women looking to TONE Up and SLIM Down
Sculpting muscle, or Tone, helps create firm and defined muscles by manipulating speed, weight, and repetitions. 
High intensity interval training, or Torch, accelerates fat loss for hours via the afterburn effect.
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